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Posted: 24 March 2017 03:26 AM  
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Hey devs, I've been playing SDB for around 20 hours on and off with my daughters, in my time I have found a number of things (please take as constructive.....)

- Starting out in 3p co-op with players new to the game, the difficulty curve was crazy. Barely finished 2-3 depths. Was so much easier playing solo which we took turns doing. Once we had unlocked a couple of weapons each, co-op became fun, but before that it was not. Not sure what could be done to help this, what about lending weapon upgrades to co-op partners to help out? Or more starting choices available for free (one of each class maybe?)

- Spookem is the hardest boss by far. Ice Queen's bullet-hell snowball is rough but ok. Overlord is so easy, I don't think I've ever died to him before. Feels very out of place for the final level to be easier than the first. Other bosses have a second "phase", Overlord has just the one.

- All Im doing at the moment is signing in once a day to check missions for ones I haven't completed yet, can there be a way to select missions rather than waiting?

- On the moving platforms in Bogheim, I have fallen off the edge on several occasions only to get stuck in an infinite falling loop. Most of the time I have the No Fall Damage upgrade so its just annoying, but without it, all I can do is sit there and watch my life disappear as I forever fall.

- There has been a number of times where I've needed to jump and pull switches on Chillheim that are hidden behind scenery, it wasn't until I found the same segment but from a different direction that I knew the switches were even there.

- First mini-boss in Chillheim often teleports off the platform making him impossible to damage with his shield.

- If you choose the wrong stage (Cryptheim is always first in the list), if you press B at the character select to go back to world select, the game returns to the menu. Why can't it quickly go back to world select?

- I have bought every weapon and every helmet and have 200-300 of each currency sitting there with nothing to buy. Challenges give more currency, but nothing to buy. Weekly/Daily challenges give currency with nothing to buy. There is no point to playing the game and earning the currency anymore. Some suggestions for what you could add to spend this currency on:
* Shrine bonuses at the start - either choose from the bonuses/challenges you're given at random, or pay to choose a particular one. Saves having to quit and reload several times to get the shrine you want.
* Missions - use currency to choose a mission you want, as it is all Im doing is signing in daily to check for new missions and quitting. There is no reason to play anymore as I own everything, I just want to get the last few missions done and all I can do is wait.
* Give currency to other players - either directly give others money or "buy" a weapon for them to use in co-op, see Issue #1

- Favourite loadout - Either have a way to set favourite or remember last used character, helmet and weapon. Its annoying having to scroll through 8 bro/sis, 8 helmets and 16 weapons to get to the one you want, especially if you're loading a stage lots to try and beat a particular mission.

- Onscreen notification when you finish a mission?
Posted: 27 March 2017 03:16 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hey there! Thank you for sending us this! The team are reviewing your comments! We are working on the next update which will bring additional items to spend the currency on! The Bros