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Getting stuck on platforms
Posted: 13 November 2016 02:31 PM  
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Hey a big issue that has killed good online games for me is my team getting stuck on platforms with no way out.  Various places throughout the game, if you mess up a jump and land on a platform below where you want to be, you might be stuck there forever. 

For example a chest that needs a long jump or throwing bros to get to may have the moving platform (via switch) sitting at the bottom but above the death zone.  So if everyone by chance jumps but doesn’t make it and they land on the platform below, they are forever stuck there.

This only happens if the whole team messes up or if the lone survivor does it while everyone else is waiting to respawn so it might not be a widespread issue.

Posted: 13 November 2016 04:48 PM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hey Xanopticon - Thanks for sharing this. We are working on stopping these instances. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the upcoming patch smile Thank you

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