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Favorite Shrine Combinations
Posted: 10 November 2016 09:26 AM  
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Here in the studio, we play and test the shrines fairly often, and we’ve found some of our favorite combinations. These aren’t always going to let us win the game, but we thought we’d share with you guys and get your favorite combinations.

Glass Canon + Vampire Mode = God Mode
All your damage is multiplied by 5, so your life steal is five times more effective! Grab a critical power-up and watch those huge numbers fall.

Glass Canon + Kaboom = Two-Depth Mode
This is a good combo for ranged players, as you can set off a chain reaction, but if one enemy blows up near you, you’re done for. It’s funny to get a full group together and see how quickly you go through four lives.

What have been your favorite combinations so far, and what would you call them?

Posted: 10 November 2016 11:31 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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The “Let’s just get to depth 3” Mini-mini boss and No fall damage.  For those first few games I played online when no one knew what they were doing, and all we wanted was some shards and a good time.

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