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Love it but…
Posted: 02 November 2016 11:34 PM  
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Hey, so i played this game at EGX last year and this year loved it both times, however the bugs… oh the bugs!

So i’m playing on xbox, firstly the lag when playing online in some games is un-playable, i can’t really see it being a connection issue, this game surely must use hardly any bandwith.

Secondly, FPS lag, especially when in meter is full, wow!

I was in a game today playing normally then suddenly everyone on the team received ~20k coins?

Other games i have seen the coin amount go into the negative, once it has the player is no longer able to get any coins for the rest of the game?

Appears the matchmaking lobby has issues, sometimes it just wont start even after finding 4 players?

It appears if you receive 0 fall damage and you fall off at certain points you wont be put back on the ledge, more often seen where there is a small square of the map you can jump to down below, not really sure how to explain exactly, but your only option is to quit.

What exactly is the benefit of the challenges? Do you just have to beat the score? What do you get? Not explained anywhere as far as i can see?

How do you change challenges? i have completed 1 but it doesn’t seem to be replaced with another? i tried doing a challenge that was on the list, but not in game, didn’t receive anything for doing it and is not completed?

All i can think of right now, but apart from that, loving the game, i was all set for buying this game when it was released but when it came as free with gold, what an awesome surprise. Loving the game and how me and the wife can play and we both get achievements, either on 1 tv or 2! great game, hopefully with a bit of love and care these things can be fixed smile


Posted: 04 November 2016 10:29 AM   [ # 1 ]  
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Hey Doondoons!

Thanks for taking the time to feedback on Super Dungeon Bros!

We are hard at work on the bugs that have been raised, especially around the lag. The 20 coins issue is something i haven’t seen before, so will pass over to the Dev team. The current issues being worked on can be viewed here

With Challenges there are daily and weekly challenges. Each day day a new Dungeon will be generated, your mission is to reach the top and claim ultimate bragging rights amongst Bros! You only get one shot, so make it count. Likewise, the weekly challenge is the same, but you can play over as many times as you like to try and top the boards.

You can also unlock more shards by completing set actions within the game, these are viewing within the Mission View in the Bro Shack and include actions such as kill a spookem with a wand for a gold shard, defeat a world with 4 shrines on for a green shard etc. The more shards you collect, the more weapons (or a cone head!) you can unlock!

If you have anymore questions or feedback, you can simply reply here.

Thank you