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Super Dungeon Bros Community Guidelines
Posted: 20 April 2015 04:13 PM  
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Legal stuff:

- Do not break UK or international law.
- Do not discuss ways and means of breaking UK or international law.
- Do not steal or leech bandwidth. If a site is not yours provide a link to the image, not the image itself, unless you have express permission.

Any and all of the above may result in an instant ban.

Personal conduct:
General to most forums:

No being an asshat.

Do not post anything that is generally considered offensive, racialist, sexist
or ends in another “ist”.

No flaming. Be civil at all times.

No spamming.

No shouting (posting ALL IN CAPITALS).

No trolling.

No feeding trolls. All they want is attention. If you ignore them they will go away.

Do not abuse other forum members either publicly or via PM.

No excess swearing.

Do not abuse smileys & forum code.

Try to post in the most relevant forum and/or thread.

Do not post other people’s personnel information on the forum. This is to protect your own personal safety and the safety of others. You are also advised not to post your own details for the same reason.

One membership per person. Duplicates may be deleted.


Mods and Admins will act to preserve the above rules and to keep the board running in a civil and orderly fashion. If you believe the attentions of a Mod or an Admin are required on any matter, PM one of them.

If you are having trouble with another member of the forum, contact a Mod or an Admin.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly in any way you should initially contact the Mod/Admin to try to resolve the problem. If this proves unsuccessful, contact one of the other members of the moderating team.


By joining this forum you acknowledge and submit to these rules.

Whilst the content and opinions expressed by all posters remain entirely those of the individual, posts that break the above rules may be altered or deleted.

These rules are subject to change. Notification will be made when changes are made.

Suggestions for amendments and additions to the rules should be addressed to a Mod or an Admin, or placed in the feedback forum.

Any user may be banned at any time and for any reason.

The Admin’s word is final.